Dr. Loretta Ragsdell


Dr Loretta Ragsdell

Dr. Loretta Ragsdell, PhD
Project Manager, Human Rights Report

Dr.  Loretta Arian Ragsdell, PhD in Education, is an English Professor, Researcher, and Journalist.  For more than 20 years, she taught developmental through advanced English writing courses throughout the City Colleges of Chicago Community College System. She has also taught journalism, fiction writing, and multicultural  education in several private universities. Dr. Ragsdell, a Chicago native,  is a long-time social and racial justice activist and community organizer. She has worked within many political campaigns as well as spearheaded several youth empowerment programs. Her areas of focus includes campaigns to eradicate youth homelessness, food insecurities, and educational deficiencies.  

Dr. Ragsdell is a current  board member of The  National Education Association and the  Illinois Education Association board of directors where she represents  the interests of higher education colleagues, students,  and  stakeholders. In recognition of her achievements and contributions to the field of higher education, in 2018,  she was chosen as the  National Education Association’s  first-ever higher educator  of the year.  Dr. Ragsdell is a published author, motivational speaker, professional development trainer, and youth advocate.  She lives and works by her belief:  “Education is the passport to the life we all so richly desire and deserve; therefore,  I  will teach at any given moment, situation,  and opportunity.”