Max Rameau


maxHuman Rights Education and Campaign Director

Max Rameau is a Haitian born Pan-African theorist, organizer, campaign strategist and author.  Max has engaged in organizing and human rights work, focusing on Black communities, in areas as wide-ranging as economic justice, anti-patriarchy, gentrification, police brutality, land reform, immigrant rights, returning citizen rights, LGBTQ rights and shifting power into the hands of Black communities.  Max brings extensive experience developing curriculum for Political Education and Campaign Development for organizations and Leadership Development for individual organizers.

Following years of local organizing in Miami, Florida, around issues such as police brutality, immigrant rights, rights restoration for felons, LGBTQ legal rights and economic development for low-income communities, he helped launch the national Take Back the Land- Movement in 2009. The USHRN served as Take Back the Land’s national hub, and he oversaw the process that grew to include approximately 50 local affiliates. Since that time, he has continued to consult with the US Human Rights Network as a lead facilitator for our flagship FIHREtraining (2014, 2015 and 2016). including co-designing the program, leading program workshops and following up with FIHRE fellows/members. Max has also supported Network campaigns around Sandra Bland, the response to the uprising in Ferguson, MO and securing member participation for the Network delegation to Geneva to present before the UN for the 2014 CERD review.