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UPR Cities Project Informational Webinar

Date: May 16, 2019 18:00:00

At our recent convening of human rights city organizers in Atlanta, the US Human Rights Cities Alliance launched a project called “UPR Cities” to connect local human rights work with global monitoring mechanisms. The UPR Cities provides a toolkit for organizers that can help support and encourage local conversations about human rights conditions while shaping ournational “Human Rights Cities shadow report” for the United Nations Universal Periodic Review of the US in Geneva.

We invite interested activists and organizers to learn more about how they can participate in the UPR Cities project at the first of our series of webinars:
Human Rights-UPR Cities Webinar
Thursday May 16 @ 6 PM EDT
Help us “Bring Human Rights Home”!

Join organizers in cities around the United States to hold US leaders accountable to international law! 

Informational Webinar: Thursday May 16, 2019

6:00PM EDT | 5:00PM CDT | 3:00PM MDT | 3:00PM PDT

The US Human Rights Cities Alliance invites human rights organizers and practitioners to learn about a national effort to hold the United States accountable to its international human rights obligations. 

In 2019-2020, the United States is undergoing a comprehensive human rights assessment through the United Nation’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process. In order to improve human rights practices in our communities and nationally, we are working across U.S. cities to strengthen connections between people in local communities and global human rights bodies. Work at local levels is critical to building a national and global constituency of human rights defenders who can help protect rights locally and strengthen our global capacities for protecting and promoting human rights, dignity, and justice for everyone.

The human rights cities movement is an effort to help further this work, and the UPR Cities Project provides tools to help local activists take part in this important review process.

Webinar Details:
Thursday, May 16, 2019
6:00pm EDT/5:00pm CDT/4:00pm MDT/3:00pm PDT

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