MIAT: Police Crimes and Human Rights

Initiative Type: 
Member-Initiated Action Team
The Police Crimes and Human Rights Member Initiated Action Team works to support federal, 
municipal and local laws, legislation and acts to combat all forms of police violence in the
US communities.

MIAT members work collectively to address the following goals, and any other issues the membership 
deems critical:

-To combat current policies, practices and procedures of US law enforcement officers and 
-To use human rights mechanisms and treaty bodies to address, suggest and support the end of 
violence perpetutated by US law enforcement officers
-To address the issue of deadly force against all US citizens and civilians 
-To address the use of tasers as less-than-lethal weapons and discontinue their use
-To address the issue of violence against women, including but not limited to sexual assault, 
harassment and abuse, intimate partner violence, and battery and fatal use of force, and under-
representation of women in policing
-To address the lack of mandatory, aggregated and impartial data on use of force and deadly force 
at collected at the Federal level from all 17,000 police departments in the country
-To address the criminalization of the homeless, psychological and socially (PS) disabled
-To address the racial disparaties in policing policies, procedures and tactics, including but not 
limited to stop and frisk, school to prison pipeline, marijuana arrests, mandatory sentencing, mass 
incarceration, incarceration of the PS disabled, addicted, and women, and racial profiling
-To address the culture of violence against people of color, unions, indigneous nations, and 
-To address the financial and economic hardships from criminal records and to ban the box
-To advocate on behalf of victims and voice our concerns thru media
-To organize Human Rights marches and protests across the country
-To continue the conversation of Human Rights vs Civil Rights and reach out to the community 
at large to insure they speak to this issue

MIAT Members Include:

Women's All Points Bulletin
Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression 

Potential activities include: a March on Washington and Passing the Deaths in Custody Act as a start 

To join or learn more about the MIAT contact: Crista Noel, WAPB, email: cnoel@thewapb.org.

Click here to join the Police Crimes MIAT listserv to collaborate and coordinate with other individuals and groups working to combat all forms of police violence.


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