MIAT: Sexual Rights and Gender Justice Working Group

Initiative Type: 
Member-Initiated Action Team

The Sexual Rights and Gender Justice Working Group aims to meaningfully and consistently integrate sexual rights and gender justice into the broader agenda of the domestic human rights movement in the United States.

MIAT members work collectively to achieve the following goals:

  • Increase the membership and participation of groups working on gender justice and sexual rights within the US Human Rights Network; 
  • Develop the capacity of LGBT, reproductive justice, sexual freedom, sex worker, intersex, kink/BDSM and poly/nonmonogamy activists to effectively use human rights language, standards and strategies in their domestic advocacy and organizing;
  • Build solidarity with sexual rights activists throughout the Inter-American region and the world.

MIAT Members include:

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance

To learn more about or to join this MIAT contact: Ricci J. Levy, with Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, email: ricci@woodhullalliance.org.
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