Member Initiated Action Teams (MIATs)


ushrn-logo-squareList of USHRN MIATs


Member Initiated Action Teams (MIAT) provide members of the US Human Rights Network (USHRN) with the opportunity to initiate their own teams around human rights topics that interest them so that members can learn from one another, collaborate across constituency and region, and take action. These MIATs can be started by completing the brief form below. MIAT applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.  Coordinating Center staff will follow up with any questions and decisions will be made within 30 days of receipt of the MIAT application request. Groups are expected to renew each year by providing an annual update.


The Member Initiated Action Teams must:

  • Adhere to USHRN’s mission, principles and goals

  • Be initiated by at least two organizations (and/or a core team of interested individual members)

  • Be led by members

  • Encourage collaboration across constituency, region, as well as issue areas 


MIATs can request the following types of assistance from USHRN’s Coordinating Center:

  • Access to general list serve
  • Posting events and announcements on USHRN website
  • Priority in placing events and announcements in the USHRN newsletter
  • Help coordinating the first meeting (but members would have to take the lead for additional sessions)
  • Request for up to $1500 each year by completing the Funding Request Form

Click here to join the MIAT listserve to learn about the work of the USHRN MIATs.


Current active USHRN MIATs include: