#JusticeforMuslims MIAT


The #Justice4Muslims MIAT coordinates with groups/individuals that work on justice issues that disproportionately impact Muslims.  

Further, the purpose of this MIAT is to work towards establishing a narrative around the ways in which the War on Terror has distinctly targeted Muslims.  Another purpose is to build a narrative that makes clear, the connection between state policy and hate crimes and the mediating role of Islamophobia; intersections which are often neglected in the dominant discourse as well as the analysis of many existing Muslim organizations.


MIAT Members work collectively to achieve the following goals:

  • Identify core issues that impact Muslim and Muslim American communities, and articulate the central theme amongst all of these issues
  • Identify ways of approaching policy that makes explicit the impact on Muslims
  • Facilitate platforms that center the Muslim and Muslim American voice and to de-center those speaking on behalf of these communities

MIAT Members include:

  • International Justice Network
  • National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms

Planned Activities:

Monthly calls that will initially address the building of narratives around Muslim justice issues; Bi-monthly google hangouts that address various aspects of the targeting of Muslims in the War on Terror; A conference specifically about #Justice4Muslims that will connect groups/individuals working on these issues in order to creatively tackle justice from a multitude of angles.


For more information about, or to join the MIAT, contact: 
Maha Hilal, innocentuntilprovenmuslim [at] gmail.com