People of African Descent (PAD) MIAT


The People of African Descent Member Initiated Action Team (MIAT) works to build a people’s movement for Black liberation that is: led by Black folks, intersectional and multi-issue, and centers a human rights framework.

MIAT Members work collectively to achieve the following goals:

  • Develop a coordinated team of Black leadership for POAD liberation
  • Strengthen the capacities of POAD participants and related projects
  • Strengthen and develop movement models, theory and infrastructure
  • Recent Activities. On March 6, 2015, the murder of an unarmed young Black man, Tony Robinson, by Officer Matthew Kenny, a white police officer, sparked uproar and a call for justice in Madison, Wisconsin. The district attorney decided to acquit Officer Matthew Kenny. In response, the Young Gifted and Black Coalition, a prominent advocacy group, is calling on the United Nations Human Rights Council and the Organization of American States to carry out an independent investigation into the death of Tony Robinson and existing racial disparities in the area.


The POAD MIAT is supporting efforts to bring an end to police violence perpetrated against communities of color in Madison and other cities.

To join the fight for justice, click here to sign the petition calling on the United Nation Human Rights Council and the Organization of American States to begin an independent investigation into this case.

Planned activities: Provide political education on POAD issues; Use human rights mechanisms to further POAD liberation efforts in US; Develop movement theory and strategies.

For more information about, or to join, the MIAT contact: Max Rameau of the US Human Rights Network (