Prisoners' Human Rights MIAT


The purpose of the MIAT is to organize around issues pertaining to the human rights of prisoners and the prison class. iamWE Prison Advocacy Network will be hosting the Million for Prisoners Human Rights March in Washington DC, 8/19/17. This event was called for by several collectives of prisoner led organizations throughout the nation. iamWE P.A.N and over 45 organizations/groups have taken up this cause to fight for justice, dignity and humane treatment of prisoners in the US and abroad, under the banner of Millions for Prisoners Human Rights. Specifically, the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution, which allows for legalized slavery, for individuals convicted of crimes.

MIAT Members work collectively to achieve the following goals:

  • To successfully host the Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March.
  • To bring this issue before the United Nation.
  • To have Congressional Hearings on the 13th Amendment-legalized slavery.
  • To have the exception clause removed from the 13th amendment.


MIAT Members Include:

  • Krystal Rountree- iamWE Prison Advocacy Network
  • Tomiko Shine - Aging People in Prison Human Rights Campaign
  • Abduljabbar Caliph - National Jericho Movement


MIAT Planned Activities:
Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March on Washington. August 19, 2017
Lafayette Park Washington DC

For more information about, or to join the MIAT, contact: 
Krystal Rountree, iamweubuntu [at]