Convention Against Torture (CAT) Taskforce


The CONVENTION AGAINST TORTURE (CAT) TASKFORCE guides the work of the USHRN CAT project, coordinating both a civil society response to the United States government report on compliance with the ratified CAT treaty as well as its advocacy before the United Nations review body, the Committee Against Torture.

CAT Taskforce members include:

  • Scott Roehm/Center for Victims of Torture (co-chair)
  • Gabriel Eber/American Civil Liberties Union
  • Jihad Abdulmumit/Jericho National Amnesty Movement
  • Anlyn Addis/Law Offices of Deborah Labelle
  • Matt Hawthorne/National Religious Campaign Against Torture
  • Gizachew Emiru/TASSC International
  • Rebecca Landy/US Human Rights Network
  • Yvette McShan/Victorious Black Women
  • Crista Noel/Women's All Points Bulletin

USHRN TASKFORCES coordinate civil society groups engagement with the international human rights mechanisms by:

  • Raising awareness about human rights standards and reviews of the U.S. Government human rights record;
  • Engaging in outreach to a broad range of grassroots constituencies to increase their awareness of, and their participation in, the international mechanism review processes;
  • Coordinating submission of non-governmental (shadow) reports to inform the reviews of the U.S. Government human rights record;
  • Facilitating participation of civil society groups in the actual reviews.

USHRN has an official listserv for the CAT project to facilitate information sharing on the USHRN CAT project and the implementation of the CAT treaty in the U.S. Join the CAT Listerv (

For more information on the CAT Taskforce, please contact: