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The resistance to Pompeo’s “natural law” commission is gaining traction

Jul 24, 2019

Disband the commission

Dear Members,

Last week we asked your organization to stand with the US Human Rights Network and sign onto an important letter calling on the Trump Administration to disband the dangerous new “Commission on Unalienable Rights”. 

We are proud to inform you that, yesterday, the letter to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo was sent and released publicly -- it was signed by 179 organizations representing a broad swath of domestic and international civil society with memberships covering millions of concerned members of the public. It was also signed by 251 former senior government officials, faith-based leaders, scholars and educators, and advocates. 

This is part of a national and international effort to disband the so-called commission based on “natural law” that will seek to restrict the human rights of marginalized communities including women, LGBTI, and gender non-conforming individuals. 

Please check out and share the NBC News article that covers the public letter, and revisit our initial US Human Rights Network statement against the commission, released when it was initially announced by the Secretary Pompeo.

We will continue the fight to protect the human rights of marginalized communities who will be targeted by the commission; we will continue to demand that the new commission is disbanded before it has a chance to further dismantle human rights in the United States. 

Read the letter and find out who signed on

Read the NBC News article titled “Human rights groups lead chorus of alarm over new Trump administration commission”

Read USHRN’s original statement opposing the commission, released on June 13

In solidarity,

The US Human Rights Network Coordinating Center