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UPR Stakeholder Reports and USHRN Executive Summary on their way to the UN

Sep 27, 2019

The US Human Rights Network is pleased to announce that we will be submitting our Executive Summary report to the United Nations for the 2020 Universal Periodic Review of the United States early this week. Thank you to the organizations, working groups, and human rights defenders who submitted 36 reports to the USHRN Coordinating Center for inclusion in our Executive Summary. Please find a list of submitted reports at the end of this article. 

During our summer of advocacy and education, USHRN members and partners participated in our six-part webinar series from July through September, which featured 10 special guest speakers and was facilitated by our Deputy Director Salimah Hankins, 350 times. 

Our next UPR Webinar has been moved to November 6, 2019. Please register here. The November webinar will focus on how to use the UPR to advocate for your issue(s) locally, nationally, and internationally. We will cover the next steps in the UPR process and provide information on how we can work together to organize ahead of the spring review of the United States.

Please be reminded: Submitting your report to the USHRN is not the same as submitting it to the United Nations. If you have submitted your stakeholder report to the USHRN but not yet submitted directly to the United Nations, you have until October 3 (9 AM ET) to submit your report directly to the UN via this link. You must register with the UN at least 24 hours before the submission deadline in order to submit your report on time. 

If you missed the USHRN deadline but are still working on your report for submission to the UN, please check out the last UPR Webinar Wednesday resources including the video recording of the webinar to assist with your report writing.

Please find more information on the UPR at

List of submitted reports:

  • The Right to Health: How Financing Affects the Right to Healthcare in the US
  • Ensuring Adequate and Affordable Sanitation on an Equitable Basis
  • Strengthening State and Local Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in the United States
  • Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice
  • Children Charged and Held In adult Jails and Prisons in the United States
  • Legal Child Labor in U.S. Agriculture
  • Defending Dissent
  • Eroded U.S. Asylum Protections For Gender Based Violence Survivors
  • Criminalization of Indigenous Human Rights Defenders Resisting Extractive Industries in the United States
  • United States’ Failure to Put in Place Effective Measures to Protect the Right to Vote
  • U.S. Children’s Right to Educational Equity
  • Sexual Violence in the U.S. Military
  • NYCAIC #HALTsolitary UPR Submission
  • Medical Disability, the Common Rule and the ICCPR
  • Discriminatory Practices, Lack of Due Process, and Denial of Basic Rights in U.S. Immigration Policy
  • Equal Inclusion to Access for Indigent Pro Se Litigates to local and Federal court system Mechanisms
  • Surveillance of Muslims and Other Marginalized Communities of Color
  • Addressing the Impact of Parental Incarceration on Children of Color in the United States
  • Submission of the Global Right Center
  • Consequences of Islamophobia On Civil Liberties And Rights In The United States 
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Rights to Exist, Self Determination, Language and Due Process In Migration
  • Empowering Human Trafficking Victims to Take Their Lives Back
  • Rightful Access of Homeless persons from medical facilities and emergency room services to a 3rd party Continuum of Care thru Medical Respite facilities
  • Virgin Islanders’ Right to Self-Determination and Decolonization
  • Information Access and Availability
  • Abuse And Refoulement Of Asylum Seekers By The United States
  • Criminalization Of Asylum Seekers And Family Separation As A Genocide Practice
  • Violations of the Human Right to Equality and Non-Discrimination in the U.S.: Low-Wage, Migrant Workers’ Experiences with
  • Workplace Sexual Harassment
  • Housing and Homelessness in the U.S.
  • The Right to Food in the Context of Political Participation, Equality, and Non-Discrimination
  • The Human Right to Water vs. Industrial Use: The Fight for Water
  • Solutions to 400 years of African American History (1619-2019): an African Diaspora Directorate Solution to Racism using the 2020 Universal Periodic Review of the USA
  • Women’s Rights Violations at the U.S.-Mexico Border: Motherhood, Menstruation and Sexual Violence
  • Environment and Climate Change Denial by the Trump Administration: Fighting Back