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Feb 21, 2020

Grassroots organizations Puente Human Rights Movement, Indigenous Peoples Day Arizona, and the US Human Rights Network are coming together with fellow activists, thought leaders, and healers to present the first WOMXN’S GATHERING//MUJERXS ENCUENTRO//U’UVĬ JENIG (collective gathering) in March 2020, on the theme “Reclaiming the Matriarch” in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our encuentro reveres womanhood and matriarchal power as the way forward on the path to decolonization. We seek to provide a safe space where relationships between individuals and communities from across Arizona and the Southwest can be strengthened; where we can harness our collective power to listen and share, heal and activate frontline leaders to continue the work forward for the next seven generations to come.  

We recognize and name the doctrine of discovery, the ideology of domination, and white supremacist capitalist patriarchy as the historical and current forces that separate us from our individual and collective power as womxn and as humans. It is these forces that create the crises we face today: intergenerational trauma; the climate catastrophe; mass incarceration; the criminalization of immigrants, and more. 

Please join us for our WOMXN’S GATHERING//MUJERXS ENCUENTRO//U’UVĬ JENIG to reclaim our history and our matriarchal power, and to create cross-community/organizational plans to action.

If you would like to apply for a financial scholarship or request to pay on a sliding scale to attend the gathering, please email:

Join us for our Culture Festival Right after our first Womxn’s Gathering // Mujerxs Encuentro // U’uvĭ Jenig. An evening filled with food, vendors, music, live art, as we change the narrative through Reclaiming the Matriarch and supporting Womxn owned businesses from 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm.