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USHRN Human Rights Report Release

May 5, 2020

The US Human Rights Network is excited to inform you that our annual human rights report will be released next Monday, May 11, 2020. 

This year's human rights report is taking an entirely new form from previous years. This year we are spotlighting nearly a dozen of our member organizations and members from the communities they serve. As we strive to bridge the gap between the human rights framework and the lived reality of people directly impacted by human rights violations, we are centering the voices of our members by using the human rights report as a platform for them to tell their stories. 

We shared a snippet from one of our members' stories on Earth Day last month -- 
Earth Day 2020

Elsie Herring is a member of the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network, one of the Network's 300 member organizations. A hog farming operation opened adjacent to her family home, leading to the heavy spray-field pollution of the air she breathes and groundwater she can no longer drink. Elsie is one of the members whose stories we will share with you in our 2019 Human Rights Report. 

In this moment, as the nation and the world face a global pandemic, it is especially important that we listen to and uplift the voices of the people who are most impacted by human rights violations. Directly impacted people such as women, trans people, people in prisons and immigration detention, and people without adequate housing or sanitation, are irreversibly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Check out some of our recent work to uplift these communities and issues in the wake of the coronavirus. 

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Thank you for being part of our community of grassroots activists.

In solidarity,

US Human Rights Network Coordinating Center