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International Coalition of People of African Descent submits report on COVID-19

May 27, 2020

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This month, USHRN worked in partnership with the International Coalition of People of African Descent to submit a report to the Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent's (WGEPAD) call: The impact of COVID-19, and the response to the pandemic, on the human rights of people of African descent. View the full report here.

The report highlights structural causes of the COVID-19 Pandemic impact on People of African Descent (PAD) including disparate health outcomes for PAD; lack of access to healthcare; overrepresentation of PAD among frontline and essential workers; lack of access to clean running water; the disproportionate representation of PAD in prisons and jails where social distancing is impossible and more. The report also provides 12 demands and recommendations for the WGEPAD to consider including the creation of the UN Permanent Forum for People of African Descent; equitable emergency response data collection national protocols; and reparatory justice for PAD to address the historic crimes of enslavement and colonialism and ongoing racial injustice which is both a legacy and continuance of the colonial paradigm.

We will continue to provide information to the United Nations human rights bodies regarding the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on People of African Descent.

Access the report here.