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We are pleased to announce the new USHRN Executive Director Dr. Rosalee Gonzalez

Dec 21, 2018

Dr. Rosalee Gonzalez
On behalf of the Board of the U.S. Human Rights Network, we are very pleased to announce that after much consideration and deliberation, we have decided to make an offer to Dr. Rosalee Gonzalez to serve as the new Executive Director of the Network. Rosalee will be transitioning into the US Human Rights Network Executive Director as of January 1, 2019.

During her time as Acting Executive Director, Rosalee has done an incredible job to ensure that the Network can continue its work by hiring the staff needed so that the Network can effectively pursue its mission, working with funders to begin the process of securing the funding needed for the work and working with national and international stakeholders to ensure that the human rights perspective was represented in recent meetings related to international treaty obligations.  

Over the years, Rosalee has been an active Network member, partner, and Board Member, working with us on our 2014 Human Rights Tribunal in Phoenix, U.N. events and our flagship human rights training (FIHRE).  She has over 20 years of advocacy experience in human rights, specifically Indigenous Peoples, women and gender, and migrant rights. She has worked for two U.N. Secretariats and is recognized as a leader in the global indigenous women's movement. Rosalee began her career in South Central and East L.A. where she worked as an organizer and directed suicide, gang violence, and teen pregnancy prevention programs. We welcome her transition as a Faculty at Arizona State University to join us and serve the Network in this new leadership role.

We look forward to working with Rosalee, the team at the Network and with national, state and local partners to ensure a vibrant and active human rights community in the United States through building a stronger Network in 2019.

Best Regards,

Marcia Johnson-Blanco & Eric Tars

USHRN Board of Directors Chair & Vice Chair