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Urgent Advocacy Update: UN Member States to Target for Resolution Vote

Jun 17, 2020

Thank you for your patience and support as we continue to update you throughout the day today. We are following up from our last email regarding advocating for a Human Rights Council Resolution -- if you're still able to take action today and this evening, here is a list of Member States on which we need to focus our efforts:  

  • Africa: Burkina Faso - this is where we need the most pressure, and Morocco and Central African Republic

  • Latin America: México, Argentina, Chile, Peru (all HRC Members) and Costa Rica

  • Western countries: Australia, and the EU (the HRC members are: Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Spain)

  • Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Armenia

  • Asia: Japan, Republic of Korea, India, Fiji, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia 

Please circulate this list widely and ask your networks to mobilize! See the information below for details on how to advocate for the Resolution's passage:

Now that the debate has begun, is important that civil society continue advocating for a Resolution that mandates an international independent commission of inquiry into systemic racism and police violence in the United States. We hope that such an inquiry could mean that independent experts would come to the United States to investigate what has happened here; it would uplift the stories of directly impacted people including victims, families of victims, activists, and civil society. The inquiry could investigate the causes of systemic racism from a legal perspective and call out the United States on the international stage. This kind of international action is what human rights activists before us advocated for. Please review this information from the International Service for Human Rights which provides instructions on how to mobilize for support for the Resolution to pass including:

  1. Write to foreign ministries, calling on them to support the Africa Group resolution and in doing so support the establishment of a commission of inquiry on racism and police brutality in the U.S. and to reject any amendment proposed that will undermine or seek to restrict or undermine the commission of inquiry. A list of contact information for foreign ministries can be found here:
  2. Send a copy of the correspondence to embassies in Geneva. A list of contact information for permanent missions in Geneva can be found here: