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144 Family Members of People Killed by the Police Signed-On

Aug 4, 2020

Thanks to your support and to the support of Collette Flanagan, founder of Mothers Against Police Brutality, 144 family members of people killed by the police including family members of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Oscar Grant, and Michael Brown Jr., called on the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to ensure a meaningful report for Black people in the United States on police violence and systemic racism. Over 360 civil society groups signed on to the letter. View the full letter with signatories here.

Following the Human Rights Council Resolution A/HRC/RES/43/1 passed on Juneteenth, we worked with our partners at the ACLU to write a letter to the High Commissioner calling for her mandated report on “systemic racism, violations of international human rights law against Africans and people of African descent by law enforcement agencies" to be meaningful and contribute to true accountability. View the full letter with signatories here, and see the letter’s key demands below:

  1. Center the lived experiences of Black people, and provide safe and accessible opportunities for consultation
  2. Examine individual cases of extrajudicial killings of Black people and impunity for police violence, including but not limited to the murder of George Floyd
  3. Examine the history of racist policing in the United States in order to make recommendations that work towards dismantling structural racism
  4. Allocate sufficient resources, including financial resources, towards this effort
  5. Hold public hearings on the use of excessive force against protesters, bystanders and journalists in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests

Thank you to our members, partners, and family members of people who have been killed by the police and racial violence who supported this effort. We will keep you updated as to next steps regarding the Commissioner's report and our ongoing fight to hold the United States accountable for human rights violations against Black people.

In solidarity,

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