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USHRN Co-Executive Director Search

Mar 10, 2021

We are excited to announce a new leadership model going forward. With it, we mean to take the Network to the next level. As a people-centered movement, “the next level” will not be hierarchical, but instead, multidimensional. We will go deep inside ourselves; extend in every direction to our members; and deepen into our roots. All of this, while reaching higher than ever to end human rights violations on this globe for good. A new structure is called for. Therefore, we have adopted a Co-Executive Director structure.

The purpose of our new Co-Executive Director design is to institutionalize, inspire, and facilitate the most collaborative member leadership we have seen.  Our first of two Co-ED hires is Dr. Vickie Casanova-Willis. Vickie has been an active USHRN member for nearly two decades, is a non profit administrator and educator, and cultural worker. Vickie is also a co-founder of Black People Against Police Torture, former FIHRE fellow, and previously served on the USHRN Board of Directors as Secretary. We are on the search for our second Co-Executive Director. 

The listing is available to view in PDF format here. Please send your applications by March 30, 2021 to