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SIGN-ON: Call for Human Rights Council to ensure effective accountability and follow-up to HRC Resolution 43/1

Apr 19, 2021

In June 2021, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is expected to present her final report to the Human Rights Council mandated by HRC Resolution 43/1 addressing systemic racism and police violence.

We want to ensure that the Council continues to address these important issues. We prepared two letters addressed to the High Commissioner for Human Rights and to Ministers of Foreign Affairs of African States urging them to support the demands made by families of victims of police violence, civil society organizations and UN Special Procedures in June 2020. Read the letter to the High Commissioner for Human Rights here. Read the letter to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of African States here.

Last June, victims’ families and over 600 organizations called on the Council to mandate an independent inquiry into the killings and violent law enforcement responses to protests, including the attacks against protesters and journalists in the United States. The Special Procedures strongly urged the Council to establish a commission of inquiry to “investigate systemic racism in law enforcement in the United States” and a “thematic commission of inquiry or other mechanism empowered to investigate systemic racism in law enforcement globally, especially where it is related to legacies of colonialism and transatlantic slavery.” 

The letters acknowledge the recent cross-regional joint statement on countering racism which was led by the U.S. Mission to Geneva but emphasize that a robust international accountability mechanism would further support and complement, not undermine, efforts to dismantle systemic racism in the United States, especially in the context of police violence against people of African descent. 

The text of the letters and endorsement form available here for your consideration. If your organization is interested in being a signatory, please fill out the form by Thursday, April 29, 2021.

We appreciate your continued support and solidarity,

Mothers Against Police Brutality

American Civil Liberties Union

International Service for Human Rights

US Human Rights Network