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Call for USHRN 2021 Human Rights Report Submissions

May 21, 2021

USHRN invites our members to participate in this year’s Human Rights Report via written research and analysis, or contributing your Stories of the Struggle. The goal for this open call for submissions is to encourage all interested USHRN members to propose:

1)a 3-5 page written contribution to the report card on the United States’ 2021 track record on any of the 30 human rights guaranteed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Written submissions to include research findings for our traditional report card;

or 2)you can “Tell Your Story” about human rights challenges and victories on the ground, via an oral history project we are launching!

Please send your proposal of 150 words max to State the human rights issue and format you want to contribute (e.g., research/writing for report card, or personal testimony/recorded interview). Submit by June 15th using the subject line “Human Rights Report Proposal” for final decisions by June 30th.