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DRUM BEAT 21: USHRN Virtual Gathering

Jun 4, 2021

Members, allies and friends,



The US Human Rights Network 

National Gathering Sept. 1-3, 2021 Virtual

We can hear the drums already! 

Calling and guiding us as they have across cultures and generations, to face pressing issues.

The rhythms call us to be present in our humanity, wisdom, courage, strength and joy, 

And march ahead together in sync, behind each other's demands.

No compromise, no retreat!

The theme of this year’s USHRN National Gathering, Drum Beat 21 is: “Human Rights Here! Human Rights Now!”, circling up not only all our people, but our interconnected issues, with a human rights framework and racial justice lens. It’s fitting that Drum Beat 21 aligns with the 20th anniversary month of the World Conference in Durban, South Africa and a current moment in time when the eyes of the world are on law enforcement’s role in ongoing Black and Indigenous genocide, extraction and exploitation - across the U.S. and all around the globe.

The US Human Rights Network’s bi-annual national convenings have been a movement hallmark since its inception.  We are due to convene in 2021, and are calling on us to do so, virtually.  Let’s power-up through three days of interactive, multimedia, collaborative sessions infused with “glocal” culture, knowledge, and creativity of this people-centered movement.

DRUM BEAT 21 will bring member direct-action campaigns’ learnings to the forefront, exploring how each has benefited from applying 1) human rights principles to its internal workings, and 2) international standards and mechanisms to hold their targets to account for minding human rights priorities in policies, budgets, and practices. We will leave with stronger shared analysis, language, tools, and energy for supporting each other’s human rights demands, and living human rights every day, unequivocally.

Please mark your calendars and spread the word to all of your members, allies, and friends. 


Look out soon for special DRUM BEAT 21 role descriptions to sign up for (sponsor, host, tech, artist, presenter & more).

In solidarity,

Dr. Vickie Casanova Willis, USHRN Co-Executive Director &

Drum Beat 21 Host Committee


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