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FIHRE fellow P. Moses wins defamation and slander suit against former County commissioner

Apr 20, 2019

USHRN is proud to announce that human rights defender, Black Lives Matter activist, and FIHRE fellow P. Moses has won her important defamation and slander suit against former Shelby County commissioner Terry Roland, who referred to P. Moses and other activists as “terrorists.” Following the ruling, Moses stated: “Hopefully, this case should restore order and civility to Shelby County meetings as well as illustrate activists are not terrorists, but are fundamentally important to ensuring transparency, accountability, equal protection and dignity for all citizens.”

On April 19, two weeks after the ruling in favor of P. Moses, the activist announced her candidacy for Mayor of Memphis. Moses hopes to be the first woman elected mayor of Memphis. In the press release to announce her campaign, Moses stated, "I will continue to be a public servant who advocates for the voiceless and implement radical change by defunding the jail, investing in people rather than institutions that keep people oppressed and entrenched in poverty."

P Moses

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