Human Rights Campaigns


ushrn-logo-squareNot all campaigns are human rights campaigns.

Human Rights Campaigns are those that:

  • utilize the Human Rights Framework;
  • deploy a human rights vision of the future and has human rights objectives and demands;
  • utilized intersectionality and interconnectivity; and
  • uses proportionate escalation in campaign tactics.


In addition to occasionally launching self-initiated human rights campaigns, the USHRN also provides campaign support to member organizations that want to launch their own human rights campaign or sharpen an existing campaign by making it into a human rights campaign.

For example, while police killings of unarmed Black people can be a violation of police department rules or local laws, the sheer volume of deaths at the hands of the state certainly creates a pattern that makes those killings violations of the human rights of both the person that is killed and the community from which that person comes from.

Members of the USHRN can tap into the collective knowledge of staff and other members to help guide powerful and effective human rights campaigns.