Human Rights Education


The mission of the US Human Rights Network department of Human Rights Education is to strengthen the USHRN’s membership base by deepening their collective understanding of human rights theory, standards, laws and mechanisms.

The Human Rights Education department is bolstering the capacity of our membership and the human rights movement as a whole by providing human rights education.

The department works within the framework of a USHRN plan to coordinate, develop, implement, grow and evaluate USHRN’s human rights education and skills building and campaign development programs.


 Human Rights Education is provided on three (3) levels:

  • Introduction to Human Rights. To raise awareness and consciousness about human rights to the general public, the USHRN offers introductory level human rights education, such as Human Rights 101 and Introduction to International Mechanisms.
  • Advanced Human Rights. A more in depth look at human rights theory, law and mechanisms, Advanced Human Rights generally occurs in the context of a workshop, conference or retreat.
  • Organizational Support. In depth, detailed and customized support for member organizations to advance their human rights organizing.


Human Rights Education programs include: