Fighting Injustice with Human Rights Education (FIHRE)


Program Overview

As the U.S. human rights movement grows, so does the need for accessible, strategically-focused human rights education to ignite change. The goal of the USHRN Fighting Injustice through Human Rights Education (FIHRE) program is to do just that. The FIHRE program aims to equip human rights defenders with human rights strategies, tools, and standards to facilitate a coordinated, strategic and holistic growth to the movement.    

An intensive two and a half day program, the program selection criteria include experience, issue focus, capacity, race/ethnicity, gender, geographic diversity, and program goals. USHRN covers the bulk of participation cost, including flight, lodging, and meals, while participants are expected to cover a small portion of cost, which usually includes local transportation cost in home and host cities. FIHRE Fellows must commit to the full two days of programming as well as all follow-up requirements.

Goals of the Program Overview

  • To develop and deepen the human rights leadership capacity of USHRN grassroots membership and other social justice movements in the United States by grounding the educational program in an intersectional analysis and an understanding of economic, social, cultural rights (ESCR) and the interdependence of rights

  • To develop and provide accessible and relevant educational tools and resources for our fellows and members

  • To provide opportunities to engage in the use of human rights strategies in advancing movement building and advocacy

  • To provide opportunity and support for the acceleration of key human rights campaigns

  • To build new and strengthen existing relationships with organizations through FIHRE and over the long-term

Post-FIHRE Expectations

FIHRE Fellows are expected to commit to full participation in the two days of programming, as well as follow-up requirements, which include: 

  • A report-back on how they are applying lessons learned from the FIHRE Program to advance a human rights campaign;

  • Participation in one online or in-person program to further develop their human rights knowledge and application of the framework; and, 

  • Participation in one group check-in.

While participants are not required to become members of USHRN, for Fellows who are existing members and those who have chosen to become members, FIHRE also provides strategic campaign advice and support to advance their current work. Click here to become a USHRN member.

Working in collaboration with Fellows, the Program also provides additional support and training based on what Fellows need after having gone through FIHRE. Fellows are also encouraged to participate in and take advantage of other USHRN programs, such as our national conference, regional and local meetings, Member Initiated Action Teams, and online education calls among others. 

Learn More

To learn more about the program, contact You may also reach the USHRN Coordinating Center at 404-588-9761.