Broadening the Narrative Infographic

Sample Facebook Copy:

Ending human trafficking has to start with how we talk about and approach the issue. Here are three ways to do that:
1. Stop calling it “sex trafficking”. Trafficking runs rampant in the agriculture, restaurant and domestic work industries too & we must support the human rights of sex workers.
2. Reject criminalization and more policing as the solution. Criminalization disproportionately impacts immigrants, trans women, men of color and other vulnerable communities.
3. Fight for human rights for all workers, especially those in unprotected industries.

Please share this graphic to broaden the narrative and join our efforts to end trafficking, end criminalization, and protect the human rights of all workers.

Sample Tweets:

  • We need to broaden the narrative to #EndTrafficking. Here are three ways to do that: {Insert USHRN Graphic}
  • Trafficking is a problem in several industries, not just sex work. We need to broaden the narrative to #EndTrafficking {Insert USHRN Graphic}
  • All workers deserve housing, safety, ability to migrate and to live free of discrimination. #EndTrafficking by protecting human rights {Insert USHRN Graphic}
  • “It is our duty to fight for our right to thrive in this world.” - @tslove602 #EndTrafficking #RightsNotRescue {Insert USHRN Graphic}
  • “Criminalizing people’s lives never helps. Rights do.” - @BPPP #EndTrafficking #RightsNotRescue {Insert USHRN Graphic}
  • “We take direct action against human trafficking & wage theft. Fair wages is the best pathway to economic justice for workers.” @rocunited {Insert USHRN Graphic}