Time for Prosecutions From the CIA Torture Report

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The long-awaited Senate torture report, released December 9, 2014 proves that after 9/11 the CIA engaged in a sophisticated program of calculated, aggressive, and egregious state-sanctioned torture; and lied about how the program operated and the utility of the information obtained.

Please sign this letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder urging him to prosecute high-level government officials who authorized, justified, and covered up these monstrous crimes.

According to U.S. domestic law and international human rights treaties, like the Convention Against Torture (CAT), by which the U.S. is bound, torture is illegal in all circumstances and can—and must—be prosecuted.

Prosecutions can provide a measure of justice for the survivors and victims of torture and serious mistreatment, and will provide a meaningful disincentive for future government officials to violate the law. No executive order, policy change or corrective legislation will provide such a lasting deterrence. If we want to “look forward” to a world without torture, we must look backward first. There must be accountability.

Tell Eric Holder to use his power under the law to prosecute former officials, regardless of how high their position, responsible for these heinous crimes. Prosecutions will send a strong message that accountability and not impunity will await future torturers, serving to safeguard against torture as an official policy of the U.S. government again.