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National Disability COVID-19 Healthcare Support and Advocacy Hotline

Apr 27, 2020

The Disability Underground Network is a group of disabled advocates and activists focused on COVID-19 related rapid response needs and support for the disability community nationwide. The Disability Underground was created out of the necessity for the survival of our community. They are a rapid response team answering to the needs on the ground. If you or anyone you know is in need of medical advocacy or any other mutual support feel free to call the hotline; it operates 24/7. **There is a hotline offered in Spanish as well - see flyer below for information.

800-626-4959 - Call the Disability Underground Network if you are disabled and need COVID-19 related medical advocacy or other support!

Founders of the Disability Underground Network: Allilsa Fernandez, Jill Jacobs, German L. Parodi, Shaylin Sluzalis, Laura Halvorson, Paul Timmons, Millie Gonzalez, Jessica Lehman, Collen Roche, Nick Holtzthum and Adam Ballard.