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The US Human Rights Network works to build a broad-based and vibrant domestic human rights movement.

USHRN membership is diverse and vibrant. 

Our member organizations vary in size, focus and scope of work.  Member groups are large, nationally-focused organizations, theme-specific organizations, multi-issue organizations, and small, community based organizations working to address issues impacting their local communities. Click here to see a current list of USHRN member organizations.

Individual members represent the growing number of domestic human rights leaders and defenders.

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USHRN member organizations are linked through various member structures. USHRN Taskforces coordinate civil society engagement with international human rights mechanisms to advance a human rights agenda at home and abroad. Member Initiated Action Teams (MIATs) allow members to collaborate with other USHRN members and partners within and across thematic human rights issue areas. 

Check the USHRN Calendar of Events for upcoming membership meeting calls.

USHRN utilizes multiple approaches in its efforts to promote a rights-based discourse in the U.S., and to bring about real and sustainable positive change.

A focus is placed on supporting the capacity of individual and organizational members to utilize the human rights framework to advocate for their priority issues and on strengthening their ability to work collectively to achieve their goals. USHRN offers a practical and achievable way for grassroots organizations to collaborate and achieve synergies otherwise not possible, as illustrated by its on-going CERD and UPR projects.

USHRN members work on the full range of human rights violations suffered by many here at home.

USHRN brings members together through member meetings, conferences and other convenings, and offers a myriad of training and other capacity building opportunities throughout the year.

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