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List of actions to help release local protestors

Jun 1, 2020

If you need national support to release protestors from detention in your city, or another action related to the detention/targeting of a member of your organization or community during the protests, please email the information to us at with the subject “Protest Action + your city". Include a maximum of one call-to-action image that we can share. We’ve created this blog post which will be regularly updated with actions to take to help your fellow USHRN members



  1. ICE and police are working together to exploit the protests as an opportunity to target and detain undocumented activists. Help us advocate for the release of multiple people in Phoenix, AZ who were detained this weekend. At least 3 people were arrested and transferred into ICE custody; they are now facing transfer to Eloy Detention Center where there have already been 19 reported cases of COVID-19. We demand the release of protestors detained by ICE. Protestors should not be held in jails or ICE detention during a pandemic.
  2. Call ICE Field Director Jesse Williams at (602)766-7030, press 1, then 9, and leave a message asking for Williams to allow the protestors detained this weekend to stay with their community and family; they must not be transferred to Eloy where they face the danger of contracting COVID-19. 
  3. Send an email to with the same message.