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Tribal Link Foundation Celebrates 15 Years of Indigenous Peoples Training Preceding the UNPFII

Apr 20, 2019

Tribal Link

USHRN organizational member, Tribal Link Foundation was founded in 1993 following the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Foundation’s mission is to support the empowerment of Indigenous Peoples worldwide by building their capacity to "protect their ways of life and preserve their sacred lands and knowledge for the betterment of humanity."


One of Tribal Link's premier programs is a human rights based training workshop for Indigenous Peoples entitled "Project Access." The program is celebrating its 15th year and took place 17-19 April 2019. USHRN International Mechanisms Director Roberto Borrero was this year's lead trainer. Two USHRN organizational member representatives, Sachem Hawkstorm of the Schaghticoke First Nations and Tai Pelli of the United Confederation of Taíno People participated in the program, which brings together Indigenous Peoples from around the world in an intense 3-day workshop style training session.

USHRN'S International Mechanism Director Roberto Borrero leads the 2019 session of Tribal Link Foundation's Project Access Global Capacity Building Training Workshop for Indigenous Peoples (Photo: Tai Pelli)